Super Premium Frying Oils.
Premium Quality Oils.
Long-lasting performance.

XTREME® is our premium line of vegetable and canola cooking oils, specially formulated for “xtra fry life and xtra fry value.” With an unusually high smoke point, XTREME® lasts 140 hours under even the most abusive frying conditions, more than twice as long as commodity oils. You spend less time and money filling the fryer, and deal with less waste and clean-up, making XTREME® extra economical. Its long-lasting performance dramatically lowers its cost per use, making it the most affordable oil in your kitchen.




Longer fry life means less expense per day, and provides more consistent food quality throughout the fry life cycle.

Cost Per Day Calculator

XTREME Commodity
Case Price $42 $25
Fill Fryer (70#) $84 $50
Fry Life (days) 7 3
Cost/Hour/Case $12 $16.66

*Ask your Shamrock Foods Company sales representative to help calculate your current cost per day.
**Typical number of days use depending upon fry practices

Clear Frying Oils

New Premium High Oleic Clear Canola Frying Oil

100% high oleic and linoleic canola oil derived from specially developed canola seeds.

High in mono-unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, low in saturated fats, and naturally free of trans fats, high-oleic oil is the healthiest oil option in its category. It’s also the most stable, specially formulated for long fry life. Ideal for deep-frying anything from tortillas to fish, this light, clear oil provides versatility in the back of the house for a variety of other applications as well, including sauces, aioli’s and salad dressings.

Fry Life: 7 days

Creamy Frying Oils

Premium Canola Creamy Frying Oil

100% all-natural canola oil designed for light pan or deep-frying. A long fry life means fewer oil changes and lasting value that reduces your food costs. Low in saturated fats and high in healthier unsaturated fats and omega-3 fatty acids, XTREME® Canola Oil contains the most desirable ratio of dietary fat levels, making it one of the best oil options for health.

Fry Life: 7 days

Premium Canola Corn Creamy Frying Oil Blend

A 100% corn and canola oil high in vitamin E. Specially blended for stability and a low melt point to deliver long-lasting performance under the most difficult conditions. Count on a light pure taste with no flavor transfer among foods.

Fry Life: 7 days

Premium Soybean Creamy Frying Oil

A high-quality soybean oil designed for high heat stability with a taste profile and consistency that consumers and operators have come to know and appreciate. Ideal for frying tortilla chips and other light, crispy foods.

Fry Life: 7 days