High-Quality Frying and Multipurpose Oils.
Professional foodservice cooking oils.

Aspen Gold is our high-quality line of oils with many healthy options that perform to the highest standards in all foodservice applications. Whether you’re baking, tossing, sautéing or frying, you’re doing it pure, clean and natural with Aspen Gold. Specially formulated for longer fry life and top performance at high temperatures, Aspen Gold always prepares and cooks beautifully—from the sauté pan to the salad bowl—while enriching the taste of sauces, spreads and dressings.



Clear Frying Oils

New Cottonseed Canola Clear Frying Oil Blend

This blend is a smart choice for foodservice operators, chefs, and manufacturers looking for a neutral flavor profile and long shelf life. A versatile oil, it’s a great solution for general frying when you want a crisp or crunchy finish, and it’s ideal for salad dressings and spreads. Thanks to its naturally high stability and low flavor reversion, this zero trans fat oil brings out the fresh, natural taste of food without ever masking it.

Fry Life: 6 days

Corn Clear Frying Oil

100% pure corn oil high in Vitamin E. Excellent for frying snack foods and specialty dishes calling for a light, golden corn taste.

Fry Life: 3 days

Peanut Clear Frying Oil

Consistently light, nutty-flavored oil, excellent for frying foods such as battered chicken, tempura fish and natural-cut french fries with a distinctly crisp texture.

Fry Life: 3 days

Creamy Frying Oils

Canola Creamy Frying Oil

Good frying performance in a low saturated fat option for your more health-conscious customers. With a high smoke point of 460 degrees, this oil enjoys a 120-hour fry life, up to two times more than commodity oils. It’s formulated for minimal flavor transfer and longer air, light and temperature stability. Food comes out golden, crispy and light, batch after batch.

Fry Life: 6 days

Heavy Duty Soybean Creamy Deep Frying Oil

A hardworking frying oil with an improved fry life for a lower cost per day than commodity oils. Ideal for cooking battered items such as fried chicken, this creamy deep frying oil delivers strong cooking performance with 80 hours of fry life, 30% more than commodity fry oils.

Fry Life: 4 days

Multipurpose Oils

Canola Oil

A superior all-purpose, 100% canola oil low in saturated fat, equally good in dressings and sauces, sautés and bakes.

Corn Oil

Another excellent all-purpose 100% corn oil for a variety of uses, imparting a touch of corn flavor.

Soybean Oil

A classic all-purpose, 100% soybean oil for hot and cold applications, ideal for salads, baking and sautéing.