Frying and Multipurpose Oils
Reliable performance. Lasting value.

Copper Valley offers some of the most economical cooking oils in foodservice today. But don’t let that fool you. With a light taste profile that allows you to combine it with other oils and fats, Copper Valley delivers performance as well as value that go a long way in your kitchen.


Clear Frying Oils

Canola Clear Frying Oil

Good for general frying with lower trans fat compared to general fry oil.

Fry Life: 3 days

Soybean Clear Frying Oil

A general-purpose frying oil made from 100% soybeans.

Fry Life: 3 days

Creamy Frying Oils

Soybean Creamy Frying Oil

A liquid frying oil good for general frying at lower volumes.

Fry Life: 3 days

Multipurpose Oils

Soybean Clear Salad Oil

A good-value, all-purpose cooking oil that performs equally well in hot and cold applications—sautéing, baking, dressings and vinaigrettes, mayonnaises and aioli’s.